What is The Mindfulness Effect?

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A carefully designed series of workshops, experiences and tools that create a culture of mindfulness to drive organizational excellence.

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Modern Techniques

Using modern techniques backed by scientific data, our team helps you create a corporate culture of committed executives and staff excited to excel.


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Why Mindfulness?

We are conditioned to not only multitask but to execute perfectly when doing so, which significantly contributes to the inability to focus. Over 70% of leaders report having difficulty being attentive in meetings and only 2% of us regularly make time to enhance personal productivity.

Mindfulness enables people to radically strengthen their ability to adapt quickly to evolving circumstances and ambiguous situations while increasing the speed with which they learn new things. It creates mental flexibility and the ability to RESPOND instead of REACT.

Mindfulness in the workplace is providing leaders and staff the ability to effectively handle daily stress and conflict while enhancing clarity, focus, energy and emotional intelligence.  This results in driving organizational agility, fostering creativity, engagement and boosts innovation.

How Mindfulness Works

  • From a scientific perspective the practice of Mindfulness has been shown to increase human functioning in many areas, because of the changes experienced in the brain.
  • Areas of the brain associated with higher-level functioning become more active, while areas that handle stress and strong emotions are less involved. Specifically, the pre-frontal cortex strengthens and allows for better regulation of the amygdala, the fight or flight response.
  • The result is better emotional regulation, less reactivity and improved performance on tasks.

Why it works

  • Mindfulness has been shown to improve three qualities of attention: stability, control and efficiency. 
  • Mindfulness may also improve relationships through greater empathy and compassion. 
  • Mindfulness will improve workplaces that rely on effective leadership and teamwork.

Mindfulness describes a state of being present in the moment and being ok with what is happening, instead of choosing for or against. It allows you to pause even while everything is still going on and gives you an opportunity to choose to ACT consciously, rather than REACT through habituated patterns.

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