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We proudly offer these programs or we can craft the best service or combination of services to provide your organization the desired outcome.

Orientation Workshop

Provides understanding and insight on how to achieve a practice at work

  • Participants will learn how stress affects the body-mind complex and the serious implication of ignoring the symptoms
  • We introduce how our Mindfulness program counter balances stress

90-120 Minutes

Half Day Retreat

For major impact we deep dive into all of the benefits of your new practice

  • This workshop involves individual exercises, group interaction and practical application of Mindfulness
  • Participants leave with a clearly defined program to practice at home and work

3 hours

Full Day Retreat

A day to restore and revitalize, creating an opportunity for transformation

  • Participants learn how to adapt new ways of perceiving the workplace and the events that happen each day that causes stress
  • We identify old habits that no longer serve and redirect attention to growth

6 hours

Eight week series

Each session introduces deeper understanding to apply each day

  • Each week participants will be guided through a series of visualization, breath and body awareness techniques
  • They will gain essential practical, hands-on experience of Mindfulness and track their own progress

30 minute per session

Ongoing Workshops

Customizable for your team

  • Possible topics: Stress Management; Thoughts & your Health; Responding versus Reacting; Healthier thinking and habits
  • Greater Self-Acceptance, Enthusiasm and a positive outlook about work and life; Improved quality of sleep; Energy management

90-120 minutes per session

Invest in your organizations greatest asset…your people.

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